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Welcome to MBarron.net.

I have completed the move to the new server, and loading time has never been better.
Checkout the server's resources statistics here, updated every fifteen minutes.

Do you want to have your own site on the Internet, head on over to my web hosting site.
Let me know if you need hosting for a big site, I offer $0.20USD/GB for people needing over 30GB/month.

New Electronics projects coming soon.

Now that I have gained access to a digital camera, and the fact that exams will be over soon. It will leave me with lots of spare time to get all the projects lying around my room typed up and uploaded onto the website.
New content will include exciting things such as:

  • PICmicro .asm library of useful functions
    • 7 segment countdown/countup simple code.
    • 74HC595 shift register IO expandsion.
    • ADC & DAC chip interface code, eg. for the ADC0831, TLC542
    • BURP PULSE NiCd, & NiMh battery charger. Spose to extend working life
  • Glowplug power supply, using old cheap Sealed lead acid batteries
  • General purpose regulated power supply module, Any Vin, Reg. Vout



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