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A program to help you accelerate the speed at which you can read text. Words are presented to you one at a time, in the same position, stopping your eyes from having to shift and refocus on every word as they would on a normal paragraph or line.


Also the human brain is much more suited for handling a serial stream of data. Infact the only way your brain handles text is by breaking it up into a serial stream

before parsing and interpeting it. Speed Reader pre-processes and serializes text, saving your brain from having to do it itself.


Puncuation is handled, an extra pause between words occurs for commas, and semi-colons;( ",;"). And an extra two pauses occurs for periods, question marks,

exclaimation marks and speech marks.(".?!""). These extra pauses allow you to take a mental breath.


To read a file containing plain text, using Speed Reader, simply open the file using the open button. If you want to open a MSword .doc file, change the filetype to ".doc" in the open file dialog.


No support for opening PDF files directly yet, but you can open them in adobe reader, press Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C, to copy the documents text onto the clipboard. Then use the Paste from clipboard button in Speed Reader to input the text into the program.




Version History



1.1 - (13th July 2003)

Current Release


1.0 - (June 2003)

+Fullscreen mode.

+Entire program has complete Exception handling, and will

now exit quietly.

+"IO E:INI Exception error" fixed, in both exit and start


+Entire word parser recoded.

+"jerkiness" on short lines now fixed, entire program is

now more efficient due to a small buffer implementation.

+General program updated graphically, better speed, look

and feel, overall much better presentation.

+Added basic MS word file parser, seems to work okay.

If read errors occur just copy your text onto the

clipboard and use speed reader's paste from clipboard



0.5-beta - (March 2003)

First release, very rough around the edges, loved throwing

IO and array bounds errors.